T-Shirt Quilts

Give me your t-shirts and I will give you a beautiful custom designed quilt!
Wrapping yourself in one of these quilts is like wrapping yourself with your fondest memories….kind of like a scrapbook. It’s a visual history. Display a collection from school activities, sports activities, vacations, fraternities and sororities. Great gift idea for a unique graduation or Christmas present. T-Shirt Quilts are all inclusive – you only need to provide the t-shirts and I’ll provide the rest!

Unique Features of a Quilted Bee T-Shirt

  • Each block is cut to fit the design of the T-shirt
    • Not a pre set size block
      • This allows for very small to very large designs to be used
    • No two quilts look alike or are the same
  • Any number of T-shirts can be used
  • The price is all inclusive – you provide the T-shirts and I provide fabric, batting, quilting, and binding
  • The entire quilt is machine quilted
    • Not tacked like other T-shirt quilts, thus is will wash and wear much better
    • Each block is individually quilted for a special look
  • Your shirts are special to you, so I take extra care and treat them as if they were my own.

How Many T-Shirts?

It’s hard to say! The list on the Pricing page is only an approximation of the number of T-shirts/sweatshirts needed for that size of quilt. It may take less if the designs are large or it may take more if the designs are small.
Generally, I take the shirts you give us and I measure them to create a design, and then I am able to determine the cost. I will then call or email you the dimensions of the quilt with the price. At this time you will be able to accept the dimensions or you can add or subtract shirts so that the quilt is the size you would like.

T-shirt Quilt Information

  • T-shirts need to be clean.
  • A great deal of time is spent arranging your shirts and selecting the sashing color to ensure the most attractive layout and color combination for your quilt.
  • Premium 100% cotton fabric is used in my quilts for the sashing, backing, and binding.
  • High quality batting is also used, which gives your quilt a smooth, soft look and accents the machine quilting.
  • You will be notified when t-shirts have arrived, the expected completion date, the dimension and cost of the quilt, when I have begun work on your quilt, and when your quilt is completed.
  • All quilts that are shipped are insured and I will provide you with tracking information so you can follow your quilt shipment.
  • Stains or irregularities are left alone – imperfections add character and make it even more unique.
disney quilt

disney quilt

disney quilt


Pooh Bear


Pooh Bear