Quilting Services

We specialize in pantographs and all-over designs.


Quilting prices are calculated by the square inch.
There is a minimum charge of $40.

To calculate size: width x length (in inches) = total size

Size of Pantograph or All-Over DesignsPrice Per Inch
Simple Large Design - 6" Or Larger
(meander, pantograph, various continuous line designs)
$0.015/sq inch
Small, More Complex Design
(meander, pantograph, various continuous line designs)
$0.017/sq inch

Sample example: 64" x 82" = 5248"
5248" x .015 = $78.72 price for a simple large quilting design

Additional Services:

  • Batting:
    • Hobbs Heirloom: 80/20 - $6.00/yd
    • Quilters Dream: select 100% cotton - $8.00/yd
    • Please ask about other desired battings
  • Binding: Please provide ¾ to 1 yard of fabric. Unused portion will be returned to you.
    • Attached to front of quilt: $.10/inch
    • Full finished binding, hand stitched on back: $.25/inch
  • Pressing or trimming threads: $5.00

Additional Information:

  • No basting required; tops, backing, and batting should NOT be stitched together.
  • Tops should be pressed, and have all threads trimmed.
  • Both the quilt backing and batting must be at least 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than the quilt top.
  • Make sure backing is square, and ready to be loaded onto the machine.
  • While I cannot accept responsibility for puckers, wrinkles, or fullness pieced into the quilt, every effort will be made to minimize them.
  • To avoid ‘wavy edges’ on quilt and to insure that it will lay flat, measure quilt top through the center side to side then top to bottom and cut borders from this measurement, easing where needed.