Memorial or Bereavement Quilts

Wrap yourself in a memory quilt made from your loved one’s clothing. Memorial quilts are like pieces of our lives stitched together with love.

Many times when a loved one passes, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do with their clothing. Your loved one’s clothing can be used to make a beautiful memory quilt which will bring warmth and comfort to you and your family while commemorating their lives.

These quilts are sad and you should expect a good cry when you get them back. But over time, they will become a comfort.

Memorial Quilt Information

  • Send a variety of clothing and colors. The more the better.
  • Clothing needs to be clean.
  • High quality batting and cotton fabric for the backing is used.
  • Quilt will be machine quilted in a design selected to compliment each quilt pattern.
  • Quilt is made primarily with the clothing you provide, however, I may incorporate additional fabric as needed.
  • Memorial quilts take more time to make than traditional quilts because more clothing needs to be backed to prevent stretching and the cutting and assembly process if more time consuming.