Frequently Asked Questions

T-Shirt Quilts

How many T-Shirts do I need for a quilt?
Anywhere from 12 to 30 or more t-shirts will made a throw size to queen size quilt. You decide how many shirts you want to use and what size quilt you are interested in and we’ll go from there.

Should I cut up the shirts?
No. Send me the t-shirts as is. Let me know what part of the shirt you want to use (front or back or both) by placing a safety pin in the shirt. If you don’t care, I’ll pick what I think is best. I generally do not use the advertisement unless asked to.

Should I wash them before I send them?
Please wash and dry them (even new ones) but don’t use dryer sheets. Remember that any stains in your shirts will be in your quilt (I personally think this adds to the charm).

Can I have a border(s)?
Borders can be added. Check with me for the cost.

Do I supply the fabric?
I supply the fabric, batting, backing and binding unless there is something specific you want. Contact me.

I want to order a T-Shirt quilt. How do I start?
If you are all set to go, fill out the order form, ship or (if you are local) give me your t-shirts, and an soon as they are received, you will get an email response from us that we have received it.

How to Prepare your Quilt Top for Machine Quilting

Quilt Top
  1. Accurate piecing with a neutral thread color.
  2. Remove any stray threads, especially those that might show thru light colored fabrics.
  3. Secure seams, especially on pieces outside borders. These may pull apart on the machine frame.
  4. Press the back of your quilt top well. Make sure all seams are pressed flat o the back and facing the desired direction.
  5. Attach borders properly so they are not wavy.
  6. If quilt is directional (has top and bottom), please put a large safety pin in the top and note it on your order form.
Quilt Backing
  1. The back should be 6 inches wider and 6” longer than the quilt top.
  2. For pieced backs, remove the salvage edge before piecing, and use ½” seam allowance.
  3. Square and straighten edges.
  4. Press carefully.
  5. Do not use high-count sheets.
Quilt Batting
  1. Batting should be 6 inches wider and 6” longer than the quilt top.
  2. Choose the right batting for the look, color and density of quilt.
  3. Prewash cotton batting if desired, batting does shrink.
  4. To remove wrinkles from batting, place in a warm dryer on “fluff” for a few minutes.
If Shipping your Quilt
  1. Place your top, backing and batting (if providing your own) in plastic bags before putting into the box, and place a piece of cardboard on top of your quilt before closing the box (so fabric will not be cut when opening the box).
  2. Make sure to choose a box big enough to ship back the completed quilt. Test with a quilt you have already finished.
  3. Enclose a return address label with all your pertinent information.
  4. Enclose an order form.